Cabbage Soup Three Ways

Green Cabbage- Savoy, Napa or green
4 tblsp butter
lg. onion
2 tblsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp. allspice
5 cups stock
fresh squeezed lemon juice, or white wine or rice vinegar to taste
salt and pepper to taste

Core and shred cabbage. Heat butter or oil in soup pan- add cabbage, onion, salt and pepper. Cook until cabbage and onion are tender at med. heat. Stir in sugar and allspice. Add water or stock and continue cooking for about 15 mins. Add a tblsp or 2 of lemon juice then serve.

Option 2- Asian style
Use Napa cabbage if possible- cook cabbage and onion in peanut oil- let the vegetables brown a bit. When you add the sugar, also add 1 tbsp. minced gresh ginger. Add 2 tbsp. soy sauce with the stock or water. Use fresh lime juice instead of lemon at the end.

Option 3- with potatoes and tomatoes
Add 2 med. potatoes, peeled and cubed along with cabbage and onions. Substitute scallions for onions if possible- reserve some for garnish. Just before adding stock of water, stire in 2 or 3 ripe tomatoes, cored, peeled and seeded, and roughly chopped. Also, 1 tsp. fresh thyme. Omit the sugar and allspice- garnish with scallions and serve.