Waxwing Farm is a diversified 40-acre farm located in Webster, MN. The heart of our operation is vegetables, but we believe that diversity is central to health. To that end, we raise pigs, chickens, flowers and honeybees as well. We are also committed to leaving wild areas on our farm as habitat for native plants, pollinators and other wildlife. Our farm products are available through our CSA, local restaurants, and select wholesale accounts. For CSA shares, we offer the convenience of home delivery as well as drop site and on-farm pickup.

At Waxwing Farm, we are growing chemical free produce in the most sustainable way we can. Though we are not certified organic, we grow as if we were. This means we don't use any products or practices that aren't approved under the Organic Standards. There are no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and no GMO crops on our farm. Instead we utilize diversity, rotations of crops and livestock, regular compost applications and cover cropping to maintain the health of our soils. We are always striving to improve our farm practices and we invite you to join us on that journey.