Baigan Achari

(Eggplant cooked in the pickling style) From an Indian cooking class Pete's mom took in England.) 

1/2 in. cube of fresh ginger
3 garlic cloves
1 oz. water
1 lb eggplant 

1 1/2 T. oil
1/2 t. whole fennel seed
1/4 t. whole onion seed
1/2 lb tomatoes, chopped
1 T. ground coriander
1/8 t. turmeric
Chili powder to taste (or fresh, hot peppers) 
1/2 t. salt
Oil for frying 

Blend ginger, garlic and 1 oz. water together to form a smooth paste.
Cut eggplant into long, thick slices. Deep fry the eggplant in hot oil until just browned. Remove to drain. 

Put 1 ! T. oil in heavy skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add fennel seed and onion seed and cook for just a few seconds. Add tomatoes, ginger/garlic mixture, coriander, turmeric, chili powder or hot peppers, and salt. Stir and cook until the mixture thickens to a paste.
Add cooked eggplant slices and stir gently. Cook over low heat, stirring very gently, until eggplant is cooked. Remove from pan to serve, leaving as much oil behind as possible.
Serve with roast lamb, or over leaves of lettuce as an appetizer. Great cold with meat or as a snack on chapati.