csa is more than a box of vegetables, it's an experience

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By purchasing a Waxwing CSA share, you are joining other likeminded families to directly support our farm. Your up-front investment provides us a reliable market for our produce and allows us to purchase supplies and make equipment repairs early in the year. In exchange, you receive weekly boxes of the freshest, most delicious produce available. You also get to stay connected to the farm through weekly newsletters and monthly opportunities for farm visits. You get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from and that your investment is contributing to a stronger local economy and a more sustainable food system.

As a CSA member you share in the risks and rewards of farming

There are no guarantees when it comes to growing food - risk is inherent in farming. In a good year, produce will be plentiful and CSA boxes will be overflowing. In a difficult year, there may be lower yields or all together failure of a particular crop. Weather, disease and pests are just a part of growing food in Minnesota. As farmers, we plant a wide variety of food and non-food plants to maintain a diverse ecosystem and healthy soils on our farm. This is our best insurance policy against those risks. Despite this, there will be ups and downs with every season. As a CSA member, you agree to ride the roller coaster with us.