Half and whole hogs available

We raise heritage breed pigs. Our animals live on a pasture of mixed grasses, legumes, and root vegetables. We supplement their diet with transitional organic grains, excess vegetables, and the occasional windfall apple from local orchards. This makes for pork with a darker color, firmer fat, and richer flavor than anything you'll find at the grocery store. This pork is not "the other white meat."

We sell our pork by the whole and half hog. We raise the pig for you and then bring it to the butcher in the fall. You tell the butcher exactly how you want your pork processed and pick it up directly from them when it's ready. Pork will be processed by Odenthal Meats in Heidelberg, MN (near New Prague). Our hogs do vary in size, but the average 1/2 hog will weigh 75-90 pounds.

Our pork costs $3.95 per pound of hanging weight, plus butchering costs (paid directly to Odenthal Meats). You can reserve your hog when you sign up for your CSA share. We charge a $50 deposit, with the remainder due when the pigs go to the butcher in the fall.

If you've never purchased a whole or half animal before, this resource from Iowa State University provides a lot of great information.

weekly/bi-weekly shares available

Egg shares are sold out for 2019!

Our laying hens live in a moveable coop that travels all over our farm throughout the season. The chickens always have access to fresh pasture where they can eat grass and forage for bugs. We supplement their diet with certified organic feed from Cashton Farm Supply in LaCrosse, WI. 

Early in the season, the chickens spend their time on permanent pastures around our farm. After vegetable crops are finished, we send the girls through to clean up the field. They eat pests and leftover vegetables while spreading their manure for next year's crop. This is part of how we close the fertility loop on our farm and limit our need for purchased fertilizers.

We offer a limited number of egg shares each season, and most of them go to returning members. Egg shares consist of a dozen eggs delivered with your CSA box. Choose from weekly ($110) or every-other-week ($60) options.



Starting in 2018, we will have bee hives managed by Boreal Apiaries located here at Waxwing Farm. Yuuki and Meghan run the operation and happen to be CSA members as well! 

Their bees will spend their days foraging for pollen and nectar from the fields, forests, and prairies on our farm and in the surrounding area. While helping to pollinate our crops, they will also produce delicious honey that Yuuki and Meghan will harvest in the fall. The honey is lightly filtered and minimally heated (which aids in bottling) to preserve the pollen, enzymes and other compounds naturally found in raw honey. 

In Yuuki's words, "One of the most important things for us with keeping bees is to do so in as sustainable a manner as possible. We do not move our bees south for the winter, and we focus on carefully selecting for disease resistant and regionally adapted bees. While we cannot control where the bees gather their nectar and pollen, we are able to choose where we put our bees and what we do with them. As a result we feel that we have really healthy bees and amazing honey!”

Honey is available as an add on to your CSA share, to be delivered with your first and/or last CSA box.